Edward Halpern and family – Santa Monica, California

Dear Wanda,

As I already indicated our trip was near perfect in every detail.  None the less there are two things that were a matter of our personal preference that I would consider changing.  We all felt the second day in Split would have been better spent as a second day in Korcula.  For us, we loved the visit to the later and would like to have had another day there.

Second, we would have eliminated the visit to Montenegro.  By the end of the trip we were all traveled out and an extra day at the hotel in Dubrovnik would have been nice.  The rides to and from Montenegro took a long time in and out of slow traffic.  The restaurant you sent us to was lovely and served an excellent lunch but was probably not worth spending so much time in the car to go all the way to Kotor..

I say all this not as a complaint but just as a note you might consider for future travelers who don’t want to spend all that time in the car when the end result is a city that is lovely and interesting but doesn’t take long to see.

Again thanks for your assistance and we will of course recommend your services should the opportunity arise.


Edward Halpern and family – Santa Monica, California
August 17, 2016