Croatia Gastronomy – Food & Wine

The gastronomy of Croatia is a unique gem in world cuisine and an essential ingredient in the culture of the region. For those interested in the local flavors, we recommend only the best dining experiences, catering to our travelers’ personal tastes while providing access to authentic regional cuisines. Each suggestion we make is based on a personal inspection, so we can attest to the superb quality of every locale.

In concert with ancient culinary tradition, the food at the table reflects the bounty of the season. Much of Croatia’s foods are produced within a 10-mile radius, allowing diners to taste the freshness of locally grown organic produce. Our travelers revel in the diverse flavors: white truffles of Istria in the fall, wild asparagus in the springtime, the bounty of seafood from the surrounding Adriatic waters, famous paški sir (sheep milk cheese) from the island of Pag, and high-quality olive oil from the region’s olive groves. With the perfect wine pairings from the outstanding local wineries, these flavors are enhanced to create an exceptional culinary experience.

Our services extend beyond restaurant recommendations as we offer our travelers exclusive opportunities to experience the region’s delightful flavors. We can arrange private cooking lessons with professional chefs, wine tastings and meetings with the extraordinary wine producers of Croatia, and fishing in the Adriatic Sea to dine on the catch of the day.

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