Mark Martin – St Louis MO

Dear Wanda,

I wanted to follow up with you after our wonderful trip to Croatia. This was one of the best family trips we have ever taken due to your great input, planning and coordination. Clearly you are a country expert to pull off such a great trip in such a short time. Every aspect of our trip was organized, well communicated, simply yet luxurious. Your team did an excellent job not only on the front end but also during our trip. When our hotel was canceled in Split due to a hotel error, your team notified us immediately and already had us booked in a superior facility ( it ended up being my daughters favorite). During the entire 15 days we never missed a beat because of your flawless planning, team and great in country personnel.


The local contacts that you have managed to partner with were so friendly and informative. Every guide or driver was more than willing to listen and share their personal experiences. This made the trip even more rewarding giving us a real feel for what it is like living in Croatia and Bosnia. Whether randomly stopping to visit an ancient burial ground, an ad hoc dinner of in country specialty, Peka, recommendations of local cuisine reminiscent of Grandma’s cooking (brought tears of joy to my wife) or inserting a private serenade of a Croatian Klapa group during our journey through Split was simply unforgettable.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are now considering visiting Croatia. I have forwarded your information to them. I am positive they will experience a trip of a life time.

Thank you!!

Mark Martin – St Louis, MO
May 2017