We can arrange private sailing and motor yacht cruises for travelers wishing to explore the 1,185 islands of Croatia and to enjoy the breathtaking panoramas of the Adriatic Sea. Trip activities are customized according to the personal needs and desires of our clients, but we can guarantee the extraordinary sensory pleasures of sailing the crystal blue waters, the white sail flapping in the gentle breeze. Motor and sailing yachts and catamarans are hand-picked in accordance to our travelers’ preferences, and we select only the best skippers to navigate their voyage aboard the luxury accommodations. On or off the land, we strive for maximum quality and leisurely travel to guarantee our guests’ satisfaction.

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“Sebastian, our skipper, and Gaspar, his young first mate, were absolutely extraordinary: excellent sailors, great guides, first class chefs, and wonderful, fun-loving people to be around. Our idyllic days consisted of breakfast, sailing to a quiet cove for a swim, a delicious multi-course lunch with Gaspar's family's Slovenian wines, an afternoon sail to a local marina, and a great fish dinner in the marina restaurant.”

Jeffrey Gaynor, California
January 10, 2012, Condé Nast Traveler

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