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July 15, 2008

Ameri?ko tržište nije samo bogato tržište ako gledamo s ekonomske strane. Ono je i inteligentno, zahtjevno i osjetljivo tržište koje je proputovalo gotovo cijeli svijet. Ono sad traži nova ljetovališta, rekla je Wanda S. Radetti iz ameri?ke agencije Tasteful Croatian Journeys...Read More


May 8, 2008

It's important never to say yes the first time you're offered something—whether it's an offer to treat for dinner or a gift or food (unless, of course, you're already seated at the table and the plate's going around, in which case you should pass it to women and older guests first). Such demurrals used to go back and forth for quite a while, but these days, says Croatia travel specialist Wanda Radetti, of Tasteful Croatian Journeys, "people don't have as much time, which means you can say yes the second time"...Read More


July 14, 2007

...Visit Croatia's Dalmatian Coast after August's tourist onslaught. As native Wanda Radetti, Condé Nast Traveler's 2006 top destination specialist for the country, urges, "You want to hear your own footsteps reverberate on the cobblestones." Ms. Radetti's New York-based agency, Tasteful Croatian Journeys, provides customized itineraries, chauffeurs and guides for trips through one of the most pristine areas of the continent, where the luxury travel market is still growing...Read More

...Using the recommendation of Wendy Perrin, travel writer for Conde Nast Travel Magazine, we contacted Wanda Radetti (, recognized as being the top travel contact for Americans planning trips to Croatia. As we have stated before, we usually do not make mention of specific agents, hotels, etc., but in this case, it is necessary to make an exception...Read More

January 22, 2006

...Ms. Bastianich and her daughter Tanya, an art historian, offer custom trips to the region through their travel company Esperienze Italiane. But she also recommends Tasteful Journeys, a boutique luxury tour company founded by friend and fellow Istrian, Wanda Radetti.

Istria, Ms. Radetti says, is a rich ''mosaic of Roman, Germanic and Slavic heritage, history and ingredients which produces exciting culinary results.'' In 2006 she plans to organize at least one trip to Istria with Milan Licul, a native of Labin who is the owner of two New York restaurants, Arno and Delmonico's. ''Much of what you'll eat in Istria is produced within a 10-mile radius,'' says Ms. Radetti. ''There's a man with a restaurant called Kukuriku in Kastav. Everything he cooks is from the area: the honey, the cheese, the mushrooms -- and the lamb is from a nearby island where they feed on fresh herbs and the saltiness of the sea'' ...Read More

October 2, 2002

...When we arrived one night, we walked through a private party and made our way downstairs to the cozy cellar dining room. There we met Wanda Radetti, who leads tours of Istria. Ms. Radetti, who said she was in the same refugee camp as Mrs. Bastianich after World War II, lives around the corner from the club and is a regular.

The clubs, she said, are ''our reaction to adversity.'' She continued: ''We party, eat, drink and dance. When we come here, it's like coming home. It's the family some people don't have here.''

...Ms. Radetti asked one of the chefs, Jasna Pusec, whether she had made any strudel that night. Alas, she had not, but we were more than content with the palacinka.

...Ms. Radetti was dancing up a storm. She looked as if she did not have a care in the world.

''Here, somebody will always care how you are,'' she said...Read More


...“The spa culture here has evolved into what Americans are looking for,” says Wanda Radetti of professional travel company Tasteful Croatian Journeys. “It [the wellness culture] was originally medicinal in purpose -- about health and not necessarily pampering,” explains Radetti, who has been lauded by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine as the top Croatia travel specialist. “My mother used to go all the time; it was not costly or luxurious. Treatments targeted things like breathing and heart conditions. But the culture has been elaborated now into what we can call spas.”...Read More