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June 11, 2015

...Wanda S. Radetti is a New York City-based travel expert widely regarded for her ability to design personalized itineraries and “enchanting discovery journeys in the pursuit of sensory pleasures.” The popular Croatia – Flavors of Spring tour takes you... [on] a journey that is “elegantly interlaced with the threads of history, art and culture.” In addition, Wanda can arrange private cooking lessons with professional chefs; “meet the winemaker” visits and tastings at local wineries; and fishing excursions in the Adriatic Sea so that afterwards you can dine on your catch of the day, pop open a few bottles of wine you collected along the way, and raise your glass with a hearty, “Ciao, Wanda!” (her signature greeting)...Read More


May 29, 2015

Wanda S. Radetti, who is from Rijeka, about two-and-a-half hours southwest of Varazdin and who owns the New York-based trip-planning company Tasteful Croatian Journeys, told me that Spancirfest used to be an occasion that attracted only locals. “For a while, Varazdin was waiting to be discovered, but the festival has turned into something that all of Croatia and even some international travelers look forward to, and it’s part of the many events happening in the town,” she said...Read More


…Wanda designs the ultimate in tailor-made luxurious travel packages to Croatia. Her itineraries weave history and culture together with natural beauty while engaging all of the senses. The emphasis is always comfort, safety, and excellence in service.


They are a one-stop-shop for all services that the sophisticated and discerning traveler will require in Croatia. They organize services ranging from charming unique accommodations with private chauffeur driven transfers and professional local guides to wine tastings, cooking lessons, yacht charters, private shore excursions, heritage discovery tours, and other experiences handcrafted to the interests of their clientele…Read More


March 4, 2015


Transformed Traveler welcomes back Wanda Radetti, awarded The World's Top Travel Specialist for Croatia by Conde Nast…Listen Here

February 21, 2015


Incontro Wanda S. Radetti un sabato pomeriggio nella hall di un famoso albergo nel centro di Fiume. Non la conoscevo di persona, come capita in queste occasioni, prima di recarsi all’appuntamento, ci si informa sul personaggio che si va a intervistare. Così ho fatto anche io e devo dire che già facendo una ricerca veloce su internet, e parlando con alcuni colleghi, mi ero fatto l’idea che la signora Wanda era una persona piena di vita, infaticabile, instancabile, che ha vissuto, e continua a vivere, un percorso denso di emozioni, di scoperte, conoscenze, che l’hanno portata a diventare uno dei punti di riferimento nel suo settore: il turismo di lusso in Croazia…Read More



February 19, 2015

The Tourist Board of Serbia and a primary Serbian travel publication reached out to — so impressed with the work she has done over the years and the way she was a pioneer in developing Croatia as a luxury destination — to learn what it takes and what one has to do to make it happen. Many thanks to Ljiljana Rebronja, editor in chief of Turisti?ki Svet for conducting this insightful interview! Click here to see the full article, and here to read it in English.

...A passionate Italian-Croatian, Wanda has led her life with a quest for adventure and enlightenment through travel, dedicating the most recent decades to unveiling the hidden treasures of her ancestral and spiritual home of Croatia and its surrounding regions. Wanda creates customized itineraries like a composer arranging a musical masterpiece, collecting notes about each individual client's desires and needs and forming them into a harmonious journey of a lifetime. Her lyricism and expertise of Croatia is second to none...Read More

February 2015


...Posljednji panel Adria Hotel Foruma 2015 otvorio je temu: "Hrvatska je luksuzna destinacija – što o tome misle akteri luksuznog turizma?", kojeg je moderirala Martina ?urovi?. Danas gost koji traži luksuz ima izme?u 30 i 49 godina, traži umjetnost, povijest, shopping, jedrenje, skijanje, avanturu... Andrew Shapland, koji promovira kompleks Jadranka na Lošinju, naglasio je da je Hrvatska ve? sad luksuzna destinacija jer nije previše iskomercijalizirana. Luksuz dolazi u osobnom odnosu i odre?enom iskustvu koje gosta dotakne intimno, smatra panelistica Wanda S. Radetti, osniva?ica…Read More