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Minutia and details are for a different expression of the particulars of the trip you planned for us. They're valuable, sure, but those kind of things are for my mom to examine.

That kind of stuff isn't for me. I'm all about broad strokes. Collecting the small parts and joining them with poetry.

It wasn't hard to do because Croatia and the people who live there made it pretty easy to feel romantic about and towards.

Never having been to Croatia before was daunting because there were high expectations and high stakes. Recognition of a fatherland is a very important part of what it is to be an American, and when that recognition turns to love it can be a valuable addition to the texture of who you are. Not only knowing where you come from, but the kind of people you're descended from is a privilege, but a necessity.

I don't think I would feel this way about Croatia if it wasn't for all the work you did. It wasn't the spectacular hotels that I'm going to remember, though they were almost universally lovely and accommodating. It wasn't the exquisite food I'll brag about for years. I'm going to remember the exceedingly wonderful drivers, guides, and servers who showed us their homeland with pride, precision, and intelligence I've never seen anywhere else. Neven, Predrag, Nenad, Philip, Andrea, Ajlin Bojo, Lea Niki, Marina, Mladin, and Lucianja are people I'll never forget and, more importantly, see again (and I'm really shitty with names, just ask my mom).

Our guide in Korcula said, and this is a paraphrase, "I'm thankful because our ancestors left this place as a gift for us today," as we stood in the shadow of that town's lovey bell tower. I've read a hundred books about architecture, history, and world culture and hadn't come to that resolution about our ancestors. Of course not every town is like Korcula, but it made me very emotional and made me think about what it is to be Croatian.

It's never been easy living where great empires meet. Croatians did not have Croatia for a long, long time. They've lived in Rome, Austria, Yugoslavia, Venice, Italy, and a cacophony of other places over the course of history. 

They never stopped being Croatians. That's ultimately what our ancestors left for us like the Korculans of old left for the folks who live there now.

Seeing the streets bustling with tourists, full restaurants, busy shops, and fruitful fields is an indication that the wait has been and will be worth it. Most people don't know it yet, but Croatia is a place they'll want to experience. If they get 1/4th the treatment we did they'll want to go back immediately.

You didn't plan a trip for us, you planned a pilgrimage. For that I thank you.

Ivan Oremus and Rubina Oremus - Wayne, Illinois

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hello Wanda,

I meant to write sooner, but you can probably guess now that I've been raving about my trip! It truly was amazing and everything was just perfect! You nailed my itinerary and you really designed something that was exactly what I was looking for. Now it's a matter of when I can go back again.

Thank you again,

Tracey Geddis - Chadds Ford, PA

July 4, 2015

We will be leaving Croatia this morning and I want to thank you--Wanda and Iva and all your assistants--for helping us plan this wonderful visit.  

Everything you have suggested and arranged for us has been perfect!  We have loved each restaurant and every experience. Goran was a fabulous guide--so knowledgeable and so relaxed and charming!  Our driver was great and everywhere they took us was so worthwhile and interesting. We will definitely come back to Croatia to explore more of this beautiful and friendly country and we will ask for your assistance in planning our next visit!

Thanks so much,

Elizabeth Landes and family - Winnetka, Illinois

July 2, 2015

Dear Wanda,

The Croatian trip you arranged for the 2 of us in May was beautifully done.

Every driver and every guide arrived on time, and all were of high quality. We felt well cared for. Each driver had modern, clean cars, supplied bottled water for our use, and was friendly yet professional.  Because we enjoy history you booked guides for walking tours in each town we visited and once again we were well pleased.  It was especially helpful to us that your printed itinerary had restaurant suggestions and sightseeing activities listed for each town, and we used them extensively. 

Our friends will be sure to get our recommendation to use VisitCroatia for their own trips. 

Thank you for well done arrangements from start to finish. 

Stephan and Marynell Gordon - Virginia Beach, VA

June 14, 2015

Dear Wanda,

Thank you  for planning a such a great trip for us. We appreciate your diligence in making sure every detail was attended to during our wonderful Croatian vacation. Our drivers and tour guides were perfect, the geography was gorgeous, the walled cities and their history were amazing, the food and wine was divine, and everyone we met was so warm and welcoming - our trip exceeded our expectations!

Croatia and it's people will have a special place in our hearts, and we will encourage our friends to visit your beautiful country, via "Visit Croatia" of course!


Debbie Stofer - Edina, MN

June 2, 2015


Dear Wanda,
I can only say "ditto" to my husband's and brother's comments!  Our trip was so fabulous and much more than I could have ever expected!  It was so beautiful and everyone we met  was extremely hospitable. Words cannot describe how it felt to meet family. It brought back such fond memories of my grandfather. 
I will return one day, hopefully sooner than later. I would love to bring my children and show them some of their heritage. I have been telling everyone about your services and how great they were. Iva was a sweetheart.  Please tell her thank you.
Thanks again,
Therese Machacek, Minnesota
January 9, 2015

Dear Wanda,

We had such a wonderful trip. Just finally getting back on US time here. Loved what you planned for us, and despite a rainy boat ride, it was amazing. Even the boat in the rain was great.

Can you please give a tip to Iva? It was nice to have her contact us there!

I still talk about our trip to Croatia, and loved the places where you sent us. I just told a friend that if they go, they have to use you as the Croatia Travel Specialist. I believe it made all the difference for our trip.

Thank you again.

Cheryl Ryan, Maryland
December 23, 2014

Hi Wanda,

It was wonderful to finally catch with you after my return from our Vacation via our telephone conversation this afternoon.  As I shared with you, the experience we had on our Croatian vacation was outstanding.   Everything worked very smoothly.  The drivers and guides were all prompt, easy to find and very professional.  The hotel arrangements were the best as were all our side trips to the vineyards, wineries, restaurants, villages and churches.

As for our meeting with our distant relatives, I would describe the experience as very emotional and surreal.   We were able to visit the birthplace of my wife's grandfather, the church where he was baptized and the local cemetery.  Finally, spending a Saturday afternoon on the "family" farm and having lunch with our distant relatives was an experience of a lifetime.

Please pass on our regards to Iva Raucher, our Croatian concierge, for the outstanding job she did in connecting us with our family.

Thank you again for arranging a wonderful trip.

Dan Machacek, Minnesota
December 15, 2014