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Take a look at what our travelers have to say about their experiences with our travel specialist Wanda S. Radetti and the services of the VisitCroatia.com - Tasteful Croatian Journeys team

Dear Wanda,

We returned safely yesterday from our wonderful trip to Croatia. We had a fabulous time.

All of the sights, food, wine history, culture, scenery, architecture, and spectacular scenery were exactly what we were seeking on this vacation. Great hotels too. 

I hope to return to Croatia some day soon to see everything we missed.  


Best regards,

Peter & Lisa Rosenberg - Kentfield, California
September 12, 2016

Dear Wanda,

As I already indicated our trip was near perfect in every detail.  None the less there are two things that were a matter of our personal preference that I would consider changing.  We all felt the second day in Split would have been better spent as a second day in Korcula.  For us, we loved the visit to the later and would like to have had another day there.

Second, we would have eliminated the visit to Montenegro.  By the end of the trip we were all traveled out and an extra day at the hotel in Dubrovnik would have been nice.  The rides to and from Montenegro took a long time in and out of slow traffic.  The restaurant you sent us to was lovely and served an excellent lunch but was probably not worth spending so much time in the car to go all the way to Kotor..

I say all this not as a complaint but just as a note you might consider for future travelers who don't want to spend all that time in the car when the end result is a city that is lovely and interesting but doesn't take long to see.

Again thanks for your assistance and we will of course recommend your services should the opportunity arise.


Edward Halpern and family - Santa Monica, California
August 17, 2016


Dear Wanda,

Thank you for putting together a wonderful trip for us.

The hotels were beautiful and the tour guides were knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. All this made for a true vacation. The house you found for us in Umag was perfect, in a great location and met all our needs. Samira was a pleasure to deal with.

The cooking day in Zagreb was one of the highlights of the trip. The girls had so much fun and the food turned out to be delicious.

Thanks so much for the attention you invested in the details of planning our Rome and Croatia Interlude for our family.



Anita Bacchia & Family – New York, NY
August 11, 2016

Dear Wanda,

I am writing to share with you my sincerest “Thank You” for making our first visit to Croatia one that we will never forget.  With this trip being one to celebrate both mine and my wife’s 40th birthdays, I wanted this to be as close to perfect as possible.  You exceeded that expectation by a long shot.  From the personal interview process to the final, detailed calendar of events, you ensured our trip was perfectly customized for our needs. 

The concierge service was amazing – they frequently checked in on us to ensure we were enjoying ourselves and to ensure all facets were meeting our expectations. 

Iva in particular was quite attentive to our needs as we made ad hoc changes to our itinerary. 

Should I encounter anyone wishing to travel to Croatia, you will receive my highest recommendation.  Thank you for helping us make such amazing memories!


Mr. Bradley and Mrs. Rachel Galvan - Denver, Co
August 8, 2016

Dear Wanda & Team Croatia!

Thank you for following up with us and checking to be sure we had returned home safely.

We (myself, my husband and our 12 year old daughter) had a wonderful experience in Croatia, and I say "experience" rather than trip because I felt like we were much more immersed than we would normally be in an area thanks to our wonderful drivers and tour guides. 

Every person we interacted with was so personable and friendly and did not hesitate to answer our many questions. They were also very good to point out sights or supply facts that were interesting to us as tourists in general and also Americans.  Who knew we'd have to travel all the way to Croatia to find out from our driver in Split that our own USA White House is made from stone from that area of the Dalmatian Coast? 

Another thing we all three enjoyed was talking NBA basketball with our drivers and tour guides, several of whom were OKC Thunder fans.  

I also want to say how more than punctual each driver and tour guide was.  They always arrived early which was a great peace of mind to me.

We enjoyed each location we stayed (Zagreb, Split, Korcula, and Dubrovnik), each of which had it's own unique vibe and personality and therefore did not feel repetitious.

My 12 year old daughter's favorite hotel was the Lesic Dimitri Palace in Korcula because of it's "awesome bathtub (China room)", the cat that frequented our terrace and the hotel's location across from the Boya crayons store which she fell in love with (www.boyacrayons.com).  My daughter also enjoyed taking a semi-underwater submarine ride in Dubrovnik and shopping in the open markets in Zagreb and Dubrovnik. 

If I could do anything differently I would want to spend at least one night in Kotor, Montenegro in order to see more of the town and be able to walk the wall above the city. 

Our day trip was really fun but not nearly long enough.  I'd also like to spend more time in Split which I enjoyed more than I thought I would.  But this only gives us an excuse to return.

I also want to say "THANK YOU" to Iva, Wanda’s Tasteful Croatian Journeys Concierge,for just being there and available to us.  She helped me find the closest laundromat to our hotel in Dubrovnik and also figured out how to check in for our flight on Croatia Airlines (she actually called Croatia Airlines and figured out that I and our hotel were both using a web browser that did not fully support the Croatia Airlines website).  Just knowing she was there and available to us made me feel much better and more relaxed. 

And also a big "THANK YOU" to Wanda and her team for creating our wonderful Croatian experience from start to finish.  We appreciated your hotel selections (which were exactly the kinds of hotels we enjoy), your restaurant suggestions in each location and your very detailed itinerary and location information.

Your attention to detail resulted in our being able to concentrate more on fun activities rather than having to make decisions about where to eat, arranging transportation, etc.

We would definitely use Wanda’s Tasteful Croatian Journeys again ourselves and I highly recommend them to any persons considering a trip to this area.

Thanks again!


Caroline Holmboe and Family - Edmond, Oklahoma

July 25, 2016

Hello Wanda,

you did indeed succeed in giving our family a lovely experience in Croatia!  As I’ve mentioned it was our first all family trip and both the Villa Lorena and Novigrad were perfect for our needs.  The house was lovely, of course, spacious, right on the Adriatic so that with the sliding doors open we could always hear the water and feel the wonderful ocean breezes.  We all appreciated being able to walk (and some of the group took long distance runs) through the town and along the water.  We all loved Istria- not many tourists, so many hilltop towns, Roman ruins, opportunities for wine and olive oil tastings.  As I told Iva, the two highlights were the places most unknown to us - our day in Slovenia and Plitvice National Park.  Slovenia touched all our hearts and we would all like to make a return visit- and Plitvice was just the prettiest National Park we’ve ever seen! 

The logistics of our group of eight worked well- car logistics were smooth, despite the initial very unsettling interactions with the folks who delivered the car.  Iva was always available to us to make or tweak reservations and to help us deal with a problem that came up in the house (the broken washer). 

And you were absolutely right about staying at the Esplanade Hotel- besides being a lovely hotel with an interesting past, it was in a great location with very helpful staff. 

Our only suggestion would be that if you have others going to the incredible Damir and Ornella restaurant in Novigrad to warn them about the price.  The food and experience were fabulous, but the price was a big surprise.  It would just be nice to know ahead of time.

Thank you so much for all the back and forth correspondence as we worked out the details of the trip.  We were able to give the whole family an adventure they will always remember!


All the best,

Christine Kasman - San Anselmo, California

June 14, 2016


Dear Wanda,

I don't know quite where to begin.  This was absolutely the best trip of our lifetime. 

From the minute that we arrived until our departure, every detail of the trip was meticulously planned out.  The country is magnificent, the people welcoming and charming, each guide was well-versed in the history of the country and I could sense them making adjustments to the tour as they learned more about us.  They were very gracious in answering all of our questions, which were more about the current government, lifestyle, education and medical care in the country than the beautiful sites we were visiting.  Each guide was charming in his or her own way and well-known in their areas, as were all of the drivers.

The hotels and rooms were extraordinary.  We loved the variety, from modern waterfront hotels to ageless palaces.  I must say our favorite room was the Arabian room in Korcula. It was like something out of a movie set.

All of the restaurants that Iva chose for us were delicious with beautiful atmosphere.  Each one was spectacular that it is impossible to single one out.  But, the setting of the restaurant that we ate in during our visit to Montenegro was breathtaking, the food so fresh and the staff so welcoming.  The same holds true for the restaurant in the hotel that we stay at in Korcula.  I told our waiter that he should be a guide.  He was such a delight.  And then the chef at the restaurant at the Esplanade in Zagreb came out to meet us twice, made us special dishes and gave us each pralines as a present. 

We loved all of the Old Cities and learning about Croatian heritage.  Everyone we met is so proud of their country.  It was so refreshing and we just loved it.

Thanks you for everything.  We will definitely return and have shared our experience with anyone who will listen.


Barbara and Phillip Horowitz - New York, NY

June 13, 2016

Dear Wanda,


We had a wonderful time on our trip and I’m happy to thank you.

Our accommodations were all great, the children enjoyed everything and it was a great combination of touring and relaxing at the end on the beautiful beach in Rovinj and exploring Istria at our own pace. It was a wonderful family experience.

My best memory is of my father and the children splashing each other in the Adriatic while I watched from my comfortable lounge chair on the beach.

The only thing that was missing from our trip was music. Zoe and I so enjoyed hearing traditional Croatian music being played at the restaurant of the hotel in Dubrovnik, but nowhere else did we hear much music. In Rovinj, all the music seemed to be American. I was surprised. But we did really enjoy the Moreska and folk singing show we saw in Korcula. That was wonderful!

Best wishes,



Rene Babich and family - New York, NY

February 10, 2016